Tripkovic Palace in Dobrota at Kotor to become a residential hotel



The Tripkovic Palace, the most important baroque palace in Dobrota and one of the most famous monuments in the region of Kotor, is being reconstructed. Branko Cupic, the current owner, has engaged a Kotor-based company Franovic ran by well-known expert Miro Franovic, to monitor the works. The project was designed by Restaur-Art from Budva in cooperation with the Podgorica Faculty of civil engineering. The regional Bureau for Protection of Cultural Monuments of the city if Kotor is the conservator. The first architectural research was conducted by a team of Polish experts after the 1979 earthquake. The data were filled in by the experts of Kotor"s Bureau.

In 1979, a powerful earthquake shook the palace. The precious inventory from the building (the library, archives, period furniture and paintings) was soon after removed. Along with a well-preserved arrangement of room, the interior of the palace was the most beautiful in Dobrota. Members of the Tripkovic Family had lived in the palace by the time. Having failed to rebuild it, they sold it to Trekom, a company which had planned to turn it into a hotel and make larger modifications in the area of the palace. The project, however, has never been realized and the palace passed into the hands of a new owner. Judging by steps he has taken so far, the man hasn"t realized the values of the palace, which shall be turned into a residential hotel with its original image fully preserved.

This impressive palace is said to have been built between 1770 and 1980 by a captain Andrija Tripkovic. Early in the 19th century, a wing was added to the building. In the 18th century, the Tripkovic family played an important role in the development of Dobrota, greatly affecting trade, the merchant fleet, construction, culture... The palace was the main residence of the family. Early in the 19th century, the family had seven houses on that spot.

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