Businessman from USA Branko Tupanjac plans construction of modern hospital in Belgrade in cooperation with State - €200m?

Vibilia Novosti 4727


Branko Tupanjac, successful businessman from USA does not give up from the idea to have modern hospital built in Belgrade, but authorized people in the country still take no action. Tupanjac planned that hospital has 17 floors, about 300 rooms and, what is most important, license from Chicago-based "North western university hospital". There would be hotel of the highest standards and trade center as part of this medical institution. Tupanjac sets condition: hospital has to be built on some elite location in Belgrade, in the vicinity of stadiums of Red Star and Partizan and that State has to enter this business as a partner and invest land, because, according to Tupanjac, the land for such hospitals is not paid for anywhere in the world.

Tupanjac and other foreign investors would invest about € 200 mil in construction of the institution and they expect that the hospital will be proclaimed a facility of national importance and that City and Republic will pay for location. Tupanjac says that all the works related to the construction of hospital are stopped by the Directorate for Building Land ( that does not reply to any of his suggestions and appeals concerning location of hospital.

Jelena Burzan-Vitasovic, executive director in the Directorate, said that the first time she had heard that Tupanjac wanted to build hospital was one month ago. She added that Mr. Tupanjac appealed to the Directorate at the end of 2003 saying that he wants to have hotel and trade center built on the location of old Fair, but since that location is protected by Law as environmental cultural monument, Tupanjac could not have pavilions enlarged, but only restored and he could change its purpose.

Also, he planned to have hotel built in the vicinity of gas station "Dejton". For both locations, Tupanjac received date, but he hasn"t contacted the Directorate ever since. According to the opinion of the Directorate, if he wanted to have private hospital built, he would have to pay for location, like every other private clinic, because the location for construction of hospital is treated as office space. If he wanted to donate hospital to the State, he should turn to the Republic officials.

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