(SLO) 15. BledCom on PR trends

Vibilia Vibilia 8610


On July 4 and 5, within the scope of the 15th international symposium BledCom, Bled will, once again, gather international experts from the domain of public relations and marketing. PR guru James Grunig, PR marketing expert Mark Weiner, social marketing researcher Krishnamurthy Sriramesh and many others will join the father of BledCom (, Dejan Vercic, and other experts from Pristop agency. One of the world"s leading futurists Anne Lise Kjaer will give a special visionary insight to BledCom 2008. The central topic of this year"s BledCom will be the relations between public relations and marketing, as well as management. According to the Executive Manager and partner of agency Pristop Belgrade, Dr Vladimir Krulj, it is important to discuss these relations because of exceptional changes we are witnessing. "These changes are the consequence of the requests faced by managers, development in field of management and marketing, which stimulated new technologies and communication approaches, as well as a change in social and media environment". Respectable foreign and local experts will thus discuss the fashion trends in field of public relations and marketing, think about PR marketing, social marketing and non-profit public relations, as well as reexamine situation in the domain of public relations, marketing and management in general. In the end, they will have to ask themselves whether there is still classification that puts marketing on one side and public relations on the other.

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