(SRB) NIS plans to expand the network of petrol stations in Bulgaria and Romania

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Oil Industry of Serbia (NIS) plans to sign the purchase contracts for 20 petrol stations in Bulgaria, and it also plans purchasing the property for the petrol stations in Romania. Deputy to the General Director of NIS for investments and development, Nicolas Petri said that the negotiations or estimations for purchasing more petrol stations in Bulgaria are also in process. Plan is that NIS in two and a half years form the retail network in Bulgaria of 80 petrol stations, he emphasized. Petri said that in 2012 it is expected that NIS will buy the property for building petrol stations in Romania.


The locations on the main roads that are connecting Romania with other EU countries and Serbia are being considered, as well as the locations in bigger cities, he added. He reminded that NIS has the agreement with the Canadian company East West Petroleum about the explorations and exploitations of oil and gas on four locations in Romania.

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