(SRB) NIS invests more than 100 million euros in modernization of gas stations

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Oil Industry of Serbia (NIS) will invest more than 100 million euros in modernization of the retail network during two and a half years, said General Manager of that company, Kirili Kravcenko. Representatives of NIS said at the opening of rehabilitated gas station "Zmaj 2" on the highway in Belgrade, that until the end of 2014 it will be reconstructed about 250 out of 400 gas stations of NIS. 


Director of Transport in NIS, Aleksandar Malanin said that they also plan to build 5 new gas stations, but he did not say on which locations. More details on number of gas stations which will be rehabilitated will depend on development of traffic on Serbian market. Melanin said that NIS will consider the development of dealer network in Serbia through cooperation of the company and private entrepreneurs.

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