(SRB) The Mission of the IMF in Belgrade from November 12 to 20

Vibilia Novosti 121030


The International Monetary Fund mission headed by Zuzana Murgasova will stay in Belgrade from November 12-20. The preparations for this visit lasted 2 weeks, during which the Belgrade Office of the Fund and the headquarters of this institution in Washington received information about the steps that the Government and the NBS plan in order to stabilize the economic situation in Serbia. As Novosti finds out, the ruling coalition decided to change the Law on the NBS after all which would provide more independence to this institution.


This was one of the more serious problems in the communication with the IMF, after the changes of the Law on the NBS made during the summer. As confirmed, the Fund will not deal with Serbia"s plans about the budget expenditures in the next year. However, it is certain that the IMF will demand from the Government to lower the budget deficit to 3.5% of GDP.

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